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Zara pearl choker fashionbloggerWearing Zara choker
Photo by Mikkel Ploug (website)

I have been wearing this choker necklace a lot since I bought it. However, I have not properly introduced it yet. It is from Zara and you may find it here. I have been switching back and forth between whether it counts as my third purchase this season or not. But I guess it counts as a purchase, as it does not come under the category “basics” even though I think it is kind of timeless with the peals and its clean expression.

Finally, you may have noticed that my hand is kind of blurry. When Mikkel and I shot the photo we wanted to try a new expression. To give it a more casual and random feeling. I really like when there is a sudden or unexpected movement. I think it makes it look less perfect and I like that. What do you think?

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